Do you know what is in your water?

The effects of problem water:
It may look clear, but your water may be more than simple H2O. Whether it is from a lake, a well, a municipality or even a bottle, problem water is everywhere.

Consider the many ways it affects your quality of life:

  • Fear of our tap water and concern about water in plastic bottles
  • Beverages that don’t taste fresh and flavourful
  • Unnecessary repair bills to appliances like clothes washers and dish washers
  • Mineral deposits on washroom fictures and shower doors
  • Damage to glassware, expensive faucets and fixtures
  • Unmanageable hair and shampoos that never seem to work
  • Dry skin and sensitivity to material and soaps

Please call us at 403.340.3770 or stop in with a water sample so we can recommend a system based on your water needs. We also provide in home water analysis.

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If you are not sure your existing water system is working to its full potential, bring us a water sample and we will provide a free in-store water test.

If you have a water report from the health unit you can

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