Whole Home Water Systems

Well Water poses different problems than city water. We have multiple solutions to improve the quality of the water throughout your entire house.

We have complete systems to:

  • Remove Iron
  • Remove Hardness
  • Remove Sodium
  • Remove H2S (rotten egg smell)
  • Remove Manganese (small black particles)
  • In house Cistern Systems for people with low producing wells

Full House Chlorination systems are also available to eliminate bacteria that exists in some wells. We also supply and install Whole Home Reverse Osmosis Systems. We have a full line of jet pumps, Stenner Chemical feed pumps, filters, and replacement parts, as well as plastic tanks for cisterns and water hauling.

Please call us at 403.340.3770 or stop in with a water sample so we can recommend a system based on your water needs. We also provide in home water analysis.

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If you are not sure your existing water system is working to its full potential, bring us a water sample and we will provide a free in-store water test.

If you have a water report from the health unit you can

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